Busking Foundation
  • Andrew Young as the Chairman of the Trustee Board and various well known Musicians and personalities as Trustees
  • 1% of turnover goes to the Busking Foundation Fund
  • Donations from individuals all go to the Busking Foundation Fund
  • The money collected during the Music Buskers time on the stage goes 100% to the Busker
  • The Busking Café Manager is trained to identify Buskers who have talent
  • A pre Busking audition to qualify for the programme
  • Busker of the Month selected and then the 12 Buskers busk off at a Busking Event in the Busking Café
  • Once other Busking Café’s are opened the video screen will feature each Busking Café and the tables will have earphones to select which Busker they would like to listen to
  • All Busking Music will be available for sale at the Busking Café or via I-Tunes and a business arrangement will be made with the Busker
  • It is very important that the Busking Foundation validates the transparency of the Music Busking idea as the Busker of the Year will go to the London School of Music fully paid for by the Busking Foundation for 1 year

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