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  • Since 1983 I started the dream of “Music Buskers”, “Busking”
  • My first photograph of Buskers was of the 9th Street Stompers in Central Park New York 1984 whilst studying at Columbia University of New York (pic below)
  • Having grown up in a modest family, I had to form a band in 1968 to subsidise my schooling and tertiary education, I featured as vocalist and Band of the year in 1970. However, my music career or should I say love for music started way back in Primary School where I formed a band with Paddy Gunning, Steve Walsh and a few other Bergvliet Primary Scholars singing to our fellow School friends at various school concerts.
  • Alas, I stopped playing in the band in 1971 when I started my studies full time to become a teacher and later on specializing in gifted education with Doctor Kobus Neethling whilst heading up the Kimberley Teachers Centre.
  • It was during my gifted education studies in Athens Georgia USA, Nova University Florida (USA) and New York, that I stumbled upon more Street Buskers and hence the start of my dream
  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ucu29ZdG9uY and https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LRnfAAgNGB4 – Busking “Summertime” and I am sure I hold the record for signing this song in more Cities than any other singer in the World! I have also sung it 100’s of times at functions in South Africa. In Tourism I am known as Mr. Summertime……
  • After my first photograph of the 5th Street Stompers, I left teaching and took up the position to market Galileo into South Africa/Africa and Travel the world
  • I have since taken 100’s of photographs in over 110 Cities over 32 years.  All these photographs of the Music Buskers were taken by me and in the various Cities, and I had the opportunity to talk to certain authorities as to how they managed the Music Buskers in their City.
  • Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Brother (Julian Lloyd Webber)  and various other personalities were instrumental in coordinating the Music Buskers in the London Tube.  They formulated a Busking Calendar with certain demarcated Busking areas at the various Tube Stations and Buskers had to apply and be registered to play at certain times.  They also received an official Music Busking nametag which they had to display whilst busking.  Various cameras were also in place to ensure that Buskers adhered to this policy.  This is still in place and is a resounding success.
  • My dream has been to co-ordinate Music Buskers in Cape Town but we do not have a Tube, we do now have My Citi bus stops, however, these are remote and do not have as many “feet” as the Tube does.
  • I therefore had to adapt my dream to attract Music Buskers to a central point, hence, my idea of a Busking Café and www.busking.com
  • Technology was not ready for my idea in 1983 and now it has been enhanced substantially to facilitate my dream.
  • Busker of the Month
  • “Busk Off” at the end of the Year
  • Busking Foundation (Eric Clapton and Andrew Young)
  • London School of Music
  • Busking Music CD’s via I-Tunes
  • Busking Calendar
  • Busking Global
  • Busking Directory (see page 3)
  • Due to my “one man show” in business, I work very long hours and to remain at the cutting edge of reservation technology, I start work at 07:00 and usually end at 18:00 in the evening and by that time my brain is “cooked”, therefore my dream seems to remain a dream
  • Finance is crucial to start a Busking Café and I have to make time to formulate a strategic Business Plan to present to various finance institutions to loan me the money to start my first Busking Café in Cape Town.  I am absolutely positive that Busking Café’s will pop up as a Franchise all over South Africa and eventually in the well-known Busking places such as Covent Garden, Piccadilly Circus, York, Barth, Het Parool (the Station in Amsterdam), Leidseplein Belgium, etc, etc
  • The dream has to become a reality as technology is now at the stage where it can accommodate all the aspects of promoting Music Buskers throughout the World.  All I need is the time and money to start it and hence my meeting with various stake holders to start the process and listen to their ideas

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