Welcome to Busking.com
Welcome to Busking.com, a dream of mine for over 33 years.
It is an amazing feeling when you start to realise that this dream can become a Reality and a Business as technology becomes more and more in tune with my dream.
It is only now that Busking.com can function as a business due to fast internet and prolific acceleration of online technology i.e: ITunes, Sound Cloud, Shopping online, video streaming and sound recording technology.
Social media will also compliment Busking.com via Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.
This website is work in progress and soon to be populated with text and pictures.
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Search our database for registered Buskers, view their profiles and Busking Calendar and how you can contribute to their careers.
Busking Café
Coming soon…..a Busking Café to promote Buskers and create a meeting place for all Buskers in various Cities.  You will also be able to purchase Busking merchandise and enjoy our Busking Cuisine.
Busking Foundation
At the Busking Café we will select a Busker of the week, month, year.  We will then have an Annual “Busk Off”.
Busking Events
Click here to view our latest Busking Events.
Busking Merchandise
Coming soon…..Busking posters, Busking t-shirts, Busking caps, Busking coffee cups and other Busking merchandise which you will be able to purchase online.  Click here for further info and go to the Busking shop.  You will also be able to purchase the Buskers Music via iTunes.
You will be able to search and view Buskers via Google Maps/locations and view their brief Busking Bio.

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